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Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

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    Dec 2015

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    23 February, 1987

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    Professor, Web Developer, Entrepreneur


When he’s not writing storylines or scripts for upcoming novels or mangas, Kyle M. Perkins usually designs, develops, and hand-codes web-based services using a mixture of multiple web languages, including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and more, as he has been doing since 2001.

Kyle finished his first series, Night Blade, in 2015, and is now working on his next series, Omega Noir. Additionally, is also working on story lines for various manga and novel series, including such titles as Crystal Blaze, All Souls Crescent, and Phoenix Rising, all produced by Lunar Productions, a small studio run by him and his wife.

Kyle thoroughly enjoys watching sci-fi and anime series, with his favorites being "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Doctor Who", and "Sword Art Online."

Kyle lives in Waynesville, NC with his wife, Keat, and their two cats, Chi and Maru.

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